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Duxbury Youth Soccer Association
CORI Procedures
(updated 8/5/13)

In Massachusetts all volunteers are required by law to have a CORI (Criminal Offenders Record Information) background check completed prior to the season. ALL adult volunteers (in Duxbury Youth Soccer and across the state) are required submit to a CORI check.
Do I Need To Fill One Out Now/Again?  Yes, possibly.  Any one who is a new coach, administrator, OR adult referee MUST submit the form. Mass Youth CORI is good for two years. You will need to submit a photo ID to the registrar the first time you are CORIed. Please send a copy or photo of your license to the first time you submit your cori, and you will never have to again.

Mass Youth SoccerAssociation's KidSafe Committee makes the determination regarding those volunteers who are not allowed to participate. Read more about it here.
To register yourself with CORI, use this link:


To check when your CORI expires, use this link:


To read about Mass Youth's CORI procedures, use this link:


DYSA's CORI Submitter: Laura Sullivan e-mail